Toppbilde på kommunens nettside med kontaktopplysninger. Surf på nettsiden via telefon 32 16 11 02, Vanlig telefon 32 16 11 00, epost, adresse Viksveien 30, 3530 Røyse, telefaks 32 15 90 03 Hole kommune
Trip to Hole Kirke
We went on a little trip to "Hole Kirke" We found a lot of exciting things, amongst them is The memorial stone in support of the Swedish!
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Strike in administrative and support areas
From the 21st of May there will be a strike.
This will from and on the 21st of May effect Røyse school, one of our cleaning staff will be taken out on strike.
In the event of an increase in stiking there can be as many as 46 taken out in our "kommune" This will take effect from the 29th of May.
We do not know how long this will effect Røyse school and the SFO.
At the moment it is "Barnehage`s" and cleaning operating companys that will be mostly taken out on strike.
We ask respectfull that you follow the Hole Kommune nettsite for information.
We will endevour to inform you as quickly as possible What is happening.

Eight girls dance for children in need.
Irish dance to raise money for our "faderbarn"
A small group of 8 girls worked hard to learn two Irish dances. They performed them on the "exhibition day" to help raise money for children in need. The first dance was a "slow version" of the river dance. specially coreographed to suit their lever of competance. The second dance was a short version of a typical " Celi dance"
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Information of the 17th of May arrangemet for Røyse school
17th of May 2012
17 mai 075_400x300 Joint Arrangement at Vik
kl. 09.45: start up meeting at Herredshus.
kl. 10.00: Welcome speak by the Leader of the 17th of Mai commitee.Ellens "Kittelsbye!" Appeal from the class 7 students
kl. 10.20: The Parade starts from "Herredshuset"

Røyse skole:
kl. 11.45: Welcome. Games and competiions (remember to take a chair to sit on and a small table)
kl. 13.30: Football match between the 7th class students and their parents
kl. 14.00: End of the arrangement

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Maths is fun!
In the first year maths class they have different stations with different concrete excersises. They are working with counting, working out mathematical problems and mathematical games. Take a look at the pictures to get an insight to our maths class.
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Ice Rink is ready for use
The Ice rink is ready for use again this winter. Activities such a Ice dance and skating, however, Please note that The children must use a helmet! Please remember to send skates and helmets with you children to SFO to avoid dissapointments.
11-01-2012 Sfo-aktivitet

Back to school
Welcome back to all our pupils new and old at Røyse skole. 2-7 classes begin at 08.00am until 13.30 Class 1 shall begin at 10.00am until 12.30
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E-post is now stable again!
The e-post system is up and running again after a period of problems

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